ZEUS® Access Control ensures safety TEST

The ISGUS Group once again is a chosen partner of the German House during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 in PyeongChang, as of February 9, 2018, the games begin in South Korea.

After the Games 1988 in Seoul it will be the second Olympic Games in South Korea. The host will present the 102 events with the motto "Passion. Connected.”

After Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio it is the fifth large “German House” project for our experienced ISGUS team. With the project team benefitting from their previous experience of past events they know preparations have to start early for a smooth transition to PyeongChang.  Security is an important aspect - and the ZEUS® Access Control solution plays an important role in the German House.

Since 1988, the German House has been the "living room for the athletes" and an exclusive meeting place. The visitors also want to move around freely in the inspiring atmosphere of the world of sport.

ISGUS and its partner IVS Zeit + Sicherheit ensure a smooth process at the entrance to the German House. A web-based software for accreditation provides visitors with the opportunity to log on via internet a few months before. This solution is used to prepare a visitor card with the corresponding access rights for the selected date, so the guest can enter the German House without waiting.

This combination of accreditation and Access Control is, apart from the reliability of the solution and the experience of the on-site team, a very important component for the organizer named Deutsche Sportmarketing GmbH (DSM).