Time and Attendance systems: Significantly improve productivity and save time on your day to day tasks

Time and Attendance systems: Significantly improve productivity and save time on your day to day tasks

Time management solutions such as payroll integration, ZEUS® mobile app, absence requests, and many more…

ZEUS® – Your Time Management solution

ZEUS® Time & Attendance is a time-saving and cost-efficient workforce management solution. Tasks that would otherwise eat into your busy schedule, such as creating workflows, generating notifications and sending communications, become quick and easy standard processes when you choose ZEUS®.

ZEUS® is designed for high-performance across business sector and company size. The scalable range of functions and modular structure of the time management solution can be tailored to meet your individual requirements and adapt to your ever-changing business needs.

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

ZEUS® Time & Attendance reliably automates the way you manage work shifts and absences, significantly reducing routine administrative tasks. Our web-based workflows provide the required information clearly and perform standard data maintenance processes transparently and economically—eliminating the need to bother your HR department with document or form requests. Having clear company structures and organisation processes enables role-based inheritance of parameters. Thanks to ZEUS® Time & Attendance work shift and calculation pattern transfer capability and new hires and department transfers can be handled with minimal effort.

Transparency and information

The intuitive report generator provides relevant information to both management and employees and is compatible with computers, multifunctional terminals, smartphones or tablets. With a single mouse click, you can access statistic breakdowns, reports, plans and calendar overviews. With the ZEUS® Time & Attendance, time previously spent printing and analysing conventional reports can be put to better use. Automatic notifications and push messages send an alert before planned events or account balances are reached to ensure that you are not caught unprepared.

Employee motivation

ISGUS terminals offer a wide variety of options for keeping employees and management teams in the know, without HR or supervisor intervention. Strong communication between people and systems simplifies and accelerates coordination and approval processes.

With the ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution, your employees can fulfil their tasks in a self-sufficient, independent and transparent way by using workflows, team managers and interactive functions—such as shift offers and digital shift swaps. All of these functions are available for smartphones and tablets, facilitating adaptable and on the go time management control. Highly flexible workforce management is now within easy reach.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your ISGUS ZEUS® Time & Attendance system at any time by integrating it with the following complementary modules:

Whichever ISGUS ZEUS® solution you choose, it will be tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Payroll integration

The ZEUS® Time & Attendance product saves you time usually spent on transferring data, such as absences and shift totals to payroll systems. ZEUS® offers a wide range of interfaces for all payroll programs, personnel information systems and ERP solutions from all well-known manufacturers.

ZEUS® Workforce Management instantly provides you with an overview of the working time frame of your employees. We will show you:


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Terminals for ZEUS® Time & Attendance

ZEUS® mobile
Available in the respective App-Stores

IT 8210
Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service and Access Control

IT 8270
Time & Attendance, Production Data Capture and Workflow