Absence management in the public sector

Absences are unavoidable. In order to act economically, the most important thing is how you deal with them. Thereby, it is important to distinguish between short-term absences and planned absences. Planned absences are calculable and do not affect current projects that much. Short term absences, on the other hand, can cause a big chaos and confuse colleagues when the time management system does not display the information. 

In the public sector, employees on a short-term absence often need to be replaced to offer a certain service. Phone callings can end unefficiently when just one of the lasts ones on your list is available. ZEUS® provides you with a digital shift offer where you can request all eligible colleagues at the same time and they can decide to either accept or reject it. 

The ISGUS solution can be used for all company-sizes and will increase the efficiency of your processes. All our solutions from Time and Attendance to Corporate Security are seamlessly working together. We are happy to advise you in more detail.