Absence Management with ISGUS Software

Working time recording is more than just labour hours. Comprehensive software also includes the possibility to plan and record absences. The ISGUS solution is the ideal system for this. 

Employee Self Services enable you to easily record and approve absences. Via the always up-to-date group calendar, employees can see the already planned absences of their colleagues and can adjust their absences accordingly. With just a few clicks, employees enter their holiday requests and absences themselves and send them directly for approval after confirmation. The approval process can be individually adapted to your needs. Regardless of whether requests are approved by a human resources manager or the head of department and whether colleagues are also informed or asked for approval, ZEUS® adapts to your company.

Often, people also want to spend and plan their holidays together with their families, which is why submitting applications exclusively on the workplace computer is another diversions. With the ISGUS App ZEUS® mobile you can avoid this. This means you always have your workforce management system at hand on your smartphone or tablet, with all the information you need - e.g. remaining days of leave or colleagues' absences. The approvers can also use ZEUS® mobile to access and conveniently release the requests made, regardless of location.