Bring order into your travel expense chaos with ISGUS

ZEUS®X Travel Expense Accounting minimises administrative work.

Taxi receipts, hospitality vouchers, hotel bills and so on–many business travellers start to groan when it comes to accounting after major business trips. Some people lose track of everything and the chaos of receipts is perfect. This is not the case with digital travel expense recording, as offered by the  ZEUS® Time & Attendance software with its travel expense accounting module. Workflow requests are created as an independent process in the system even before leaving on a business trip. The daily allowance is calculated automatically. Receipts can be quickly recorded during the trip, easily uploaded and directly assigned to the corresponding transaction. Once the business trip is over, all it takes is a touch of a button and the travel expenses are sent directly to the superior before being paid out via payroll accounting.

Why is a travel expense report important?

Companies are not legally obliged to carry out travel expense recording. Alternatively, employees have also the option of claiming these expenses on their income tax return. However, the tax office wants proof that these are actually business travel-related expenses. Therefore, transparent documentation including all relevant receipts is a must. This requirement can be conveniently met thanks to a professional travel expense accounting solution that also reliably prevents annoying requests for proof.