Contact free time tracking solution with our existing ZEUS® mobile app

Contact free solutions are preferred in almost every industry in the current situation. These should minimise the risk of an infection. But most systems for time and data capturing working with PIN entry, scanners or biometrics. These systems inevitably lead to touching a contact surface. Contact free solutions, that can also represent the flexibility of decentralised work, provide a remedy.

Bookings can be done quickly, even if no internet connection is available. In this case the data are stored on the device and will be registered with the next synchronisation. In order to schedule an absence, holiday requests can be done via app. ZEUS® mobile is your constant companion and makes it unnecessary to touch other contact surfaces to make bookings. You therefore have a safe alternative to conventional recording devices.

Next to time management, even production data can be captured via ZEUS® mobile. This not only enables you to enter data securely in-house using smartphones or tablets, but also allows employees who are often in the field to enter the project data directly on site. Even for Staff Scheduling many possibilities are available. Shifts for shift swap on daily plans can easily be offered. Anyone wishing to accept an open shift can select the shift via the ISGUS app and simply confirm.


Everybody got a smartphone and this is actually always with them. Thanks to the ISGUS App ZEUS® mobile, time bookings or the request of current balances can now be transacted via this. In production, production or order data can directly be scanned via QR codes and are thus securely stored in the system.

Our app is very user friendly can be operated interactively. All employees of the company get the possibility to be part of time management from every location, which facilitates the work of the HR department. For better control, location data can also be recorded or special orders in a specific area (geofencing) can be selected.