Data capturing in the manufacturing sector

The capturing of production data in manufactruing is important in order to be able to assess and improve processes. This involves a comprehensive view of all processes, including not only the employees but also the plants, material availability and delivery situation. The analysis of organisational and technical operational data enables necessary adjustments to be made in order to be able to improve goals with regard to product quality and internal efficiency

With ZEUS® Production Data Capture, you increase your production efficiency through transparency. Product or personnel managers always have all current data at hand with the digital solutions from ISGUS and can initiate adjustments directly. Even if you are not directly on site, all data is available via the modern web application.

In order to be able to assess the development in the long term, we provide you with a variety of evaluation options, which you can also customise if you wish. With the ISGUS Report Designer, you can present the data that is important to you clearly and, if you wish, with your own logo to match your CI. You too can benefit from the recording of qualitative and quantitative data on quantities, running times, downtimes, reasons for malfunctions, batches and quality. We will be happy to advise you.