Digital workforce management as Software as a Service

Outsourcing of workforce management software offers many advantages, when choosing between an on-premises or SaaS installation. Cloud solutions eliminate all the infrastructure costs related to purchasing, maintaining and updating your own servers, offer easy monthly payments and ensure regular updates. This build a clear cost structure and relievs your IT department. 

Besides hosting, the used software is decisive. A digital workforce management system need to cover individual demands of different industries, flexibly fit to the modern working environments of today's world and offer complete access to your system anywhere in the world. Therefore a module and feature rich system, including mobile and holiday solutions is needed. 

ISGUS UK offer a cloud-based solution with our latest ZEUS® technology. Never miss a thing. With the availablity to access, amend and oversee information, reports, from anywhere in the world, for your business, we put you and your employees in full control. All you need is an established internet connection, and a mobile device. Our system can be securely tiered to 3 different levels, employee, supervisor, and administrator. We build your system based on your exact requirements, how much or how little individuals see is set by you.