Digitisation in the SME sector

SMEs are the backbone of the economy and create a large share of employment. Due to the economic effects of the corona pandemic, most SMEs invested in digitisation of their processes. Even if “going digital” is a big challenge for many small and medium sized enterprises throughout the UK, it remains to be key in competition. But how can the digitisation be successfully implemented?

Workforce Management from ISGUS can play a part in this. To record working times manually with pen and paper is cumbersome and costs unnecessary time. Time that can be used more efficient. With our digital solutions we offer you the possibility to recording working times exactly where they originate, to avoid handwritten notes and the transfer to the system.

Therefore, you can provide your team with the web-based ZEUS® system, that can be used on every browser, or the ISGUS app, for even more flexible options. Digitisation is completed by the ISGUS data centre and the ZEUS® SaaS solution, where you can outsource your workforce management data.