Does absenteeism affect your company? » ISGUS has the solution

What causes absenteeism?

Absence has a variety of factors within the workplace. Sick leave or illness are mainly associated with absenteeism. Long-term illness is also an ongoing issue for many workers as they struggle to balance physical demands with work demands. Interestingly, as the need to understand the causes of absenteeism in the workplace grows, companies are increasingly paying attention to employee experiences and how working conditions directly create stressors that lead to physical, mental and emotional distress.

How to reduce absenteeism.

  • Increased flexibility: Set clear expectations for workplace responsibilities while also providing employees with some flexibility to create their own work schedules.
  • Lead by example: If employees see higher ups within their organisation regularly replying to emails outside of office hours, it naturally sets an expectation for them to do the same. This, combined with the lack of a physical divide between office and home life can make it extremely difficult for people to disengage with work outside of their scheduled hours.

How ISGUS helps.

ISGUS Time and attendance system provides you with the necessary information in real time. This means that you won't be caught off guard by absences and can always assemble the personnel and resources required to ensure productivity, even while your most important employees are on break. Being able to see absence patterns instantly makes it possible for you to be proactive as opposed to reactive, identifying trends using visual reports as opposed to manually going through data.

The Time & Attendance solution from ISGUS enables you to define the most favourable balance between flexible work patterns, successful performance and optimal business structure.