Export of time and attendance data

Recording working hours with ZEUS® Time and Attendance is one thing. The further export these data to a payroll system is another. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects here. Companies always want to export this data on a daily basis and not be fixed to a fixed date, as there is often variance due to different days of the week. 

ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS simpifies this step massively. All employees record their working hours mobile, even when they are in the home office or on the go. This creates no waiting times for the adding of bookings. Our reports are created to interact with your payroll system and always deliver correct data, whether you want them monthly, weekly or daily. 

Ease of Access is another advantage of the ISGUS solutionZEUS® can be operated intuitively and can be opened on any web browser so you can export all the data easy at home.