Flexible options for recording working times

More flexible working hours and changing work locations are increasingly leading to breaking with routines. Those who work alternately in the home office and in the office and can start flexibly constantly use other booking options to record working hours securely. In the process, it can easily happen that, for example, the ID card for the office is forgotten, or one does not clock in at the PC, as this is otherwise not necessary. ISGUS offers you flexible options for recording working hours.

Conventionally, time and attendance is recorded with badges. The ISGUS transponders or ID cards can be individually adapted for your company and offer a simple and fast booking option. The various reading methods are secure and are used millions of times a day. Nevertheless, it often happens that these ID cards are forgotten, which means that time bookings and often also access authorisations are not possible. A circumstance that must be avoided. 

In the home office, the start of work as well as breaks and the end of work can be easily entered via the PC. ISGUS Time and Attendance can be accessed via any browser and integrates employees from all locations into the Workforce Management. The option is also available on the business premises or on the road, but PC access is a prerequisite, resulting in mixed forms in some companies. 

The modern solution is to use your own smartphone, which you usually always have with you. Using the ISGUS app ZEUS® smartID, you and your employees book via the smartphone, which communicates with the ISGUS terminals via Bluetooth. In this way, you conveniently gain access to the building and book your working hours. Without having to concentrate on having the ID card with you. The smartphone can also be used away from the stationary terminals for time and project data recording. ZEUS® mobile provides you with all the necessary functions to make mobile working easy

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