Geofencing with the ISGUS Workforce Management system

Geofencing helps to virtually represent real geographical locations. The artificial word geofencing is composed of "geographic" and "fence".  It refers to a location-based service that is combined with an app or other software and uses GPS, RFID, WiFi or mobile phone signals to enable a pre-determined action when the mobile device or RFID tag crosses a virtual geographical boundary (geofence). This is a big step forward for ISGUS Workforce Management system when it comes to mobile workforce management, e.g. in the construction industry and many other sectors, where these services are delivered to customers via mobile teams.

Using the ZEUS® mobile app as part of the ZEUS® Time and Attendance and job costing solution, geofencing can ensure automatic suggestions of "whitelist" time recording functions to determine who can record what and where once the employee enters the defined geo-location.
Whitelisted clocking functions & parameters can be individual customers, cost centres or – in combination with job costing/production data capture -– individual projects, operations, orders, etc.

Via the ZEUS® mobile app, all bookings within the "geofence" zone are transmitted online to the ZEUS® solution, which can either be hosted in the ISGUS Cloud or at the customer's site. Time entries made outside the defined "geofence" are stored but not accepted for calculation unless they are approved by a supervisor.