How will the working world change in 2022?

The developments in the world of work in recent years have been immense and, due to the pandemic, one can hardly equate today's working conditions with those of a few years ago. However, the second year accompanied by the Corona pandemic is also drawing to a close, so what will change in 2022? The pandemic will certainly no longer act as such an accelerator as it did before, but it will still exist. In addition, many expect processes introduced in the short term, such as home office or flexible working hours, to become further established and systematised

Employers and employees have been able to benefit from many advantages through flexible, hybrid working and would like to continue to do so. Therefore, in general, a return to the "normal" is not to be expected, but rather the development of a New Normal - which has already been underway for a long time. Here, individual employees can be better integrated into everyday business life in order to be able to better combine private and professional life. Especially in uncertain times. 

In addition, some companies are already thinking about a completely different model: The four-day week. Reduced working hours, compressed into 4 working days with the same salary. What is behind this? This model is supposed to increase the productivity of the employees, which has already provided positive results for some companies. It also promotes employee health and thus leads to increased employee satisfaction in the long term. The four-day week could therefore be the next logical step in the modernisation of the working world.

We are happy to support you in all emerging developments. Our digital workforce management solution can be individually adapted to your working models and easily operated by all employees, no matter where they are. Via the mobile solutions, employees in the home office can also be quickly integrated into the system, resulting in transparent and efficient processes.