Hypernetworked world - ISGUS as a reliable partner

The implementation of time management systems simplifies many digital processes within a group or company. Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Whether in the field of industry, public service or healthcare, we equip you properly.

Opportunities and challenges of a hyper-connected business world

Thanks to technological advances, we live in an era of borderless connectivity where everything is connected. This hyper-connected world offers countless opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, increase collaboration, improve services and tap into new customer potential. But it also presents new challenges in areas such as cyber security and data protection.

Digital Transfirmation: Our customised solutions for businesses

ISGUS can help you navigate the hyper-connected world and manage your risks. We support you in the introduction of digital solutions such as our ZEUS® Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Access Control and Production Data Capture.

ISGUS as your reliable partner for digital time recording
Customer satisfaction is reflected in customer loyalty. Numerous customers are already using our ZEUS® software solution in the third generation. Today, more than 15,000 customers worldwide work with solutions from ISGUS.