Importance of Time Management

Companies of all sizes need to maximise the efficient use of their available time in order to grow their business and increase productivity. Several factors play an important role in this, as do the problems caused by a lack of or poor time management. From poor quality work, missed deadlines, increased stress levels to damage to your professional reputation - the range of problems is wide. To avoid this, optimising time management is highly important.

An important step is planning ahead. Only those who know what is coming can implement it accordingly. For this, it is important to combine this with prioritising tasks, whereby the upcoming tasks are listed by day or week according to importance. Similarly, it is important to eliminate distractions such as social media sites or smartphones so that full focus can be on the task at hand. In addition to distractions, multitasking is what prevents you from being productive. Do one task at a time and you'll get there faster with fewer mistakes.

To better control effective working time, work and break times should be recorded and stored. Time recording provides information about how many hours are actually worked each week and, together with job costing, allows conclusions to be drawn about how much time has been spent on what. With the ISGUS solution ZEUS®, these are available to you at all times and in all places. Simple recording of working times via the most diverse media for the most modern requirements. Let us provide you with individual information.