Improve working from home

Home office already is a main part of the working world. In the future this will further expand, because it provides employees with the neccessary flexibility that's required in a fast-paced world. For this purpose proccesses need to be optimised so the workflows are as good as in the office on premise. However, this must not limit the employees, but must become an end-to-end digital process.

With ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS you can monitor employees working from home to see in the presence indicator board who is working where and who is maybe on an absence. The required web terminal is available at all browsers and therefore quickly accessable in the home office. This allows employees to do time bookings, display an overview of their time accounts or send new requests. 

Use ZEUS® as Software as a Service to provide employees from HR with the possibility to export payroll data through cloud at home

If your are often on the move or do not need a PC for your daily work, ZEUS® mobile is suitable. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to clock IN and OUT or to stay up to date about presence information of your colleagues. Our app, which is available for Android, iOS or Windows offers you a intuitive surface which is the ideal solution to integrate you into the time management process of your company.