Improve your health and safety on premise with a live up to date fire roll call

Especially in case of fire the security of all persons in the building or on premise is absolutely in the foreground. Confusing situations can happen fast, when hectic and stress come together. But for the responsible persons it is now important to know who’s safe and who could be in danger. To fill out a printed personnel list is cumbersome and time-consuming – time you don’t have. With mobile apps fire marshals can easily and fast note persons that are already safe and forward this information to the firefighters too.

The Fire Roll Call Function of the ZEUS® mobile app enables access to live fire safety reports. All registered visitors can be marked as safe directly via app.

As large companies in particular have several collection points, this function can be activated for multiple fire marshals, so that the registration process can begin immediately.


Integrated to ZEUS® mobile is a fire roll call function. In an emergency, fire marshals can use it to quickly and easily note which employees have already arrived at the assembly point and are therefore safe and who still needs to be rescued by the firefighters.

The responsible persons will see in the overview only those employees and visitors who are registered as present in the system, so that further unnecessary time can be saved. Additionally, you are not depending on paper reports that can be delayed by printer jams for example.