ISGUS is perfectly suited for » the hotel industry

Which restaurateur/hotelier doesn't know it, writing the duty roster every month or even every week becomes an annoying and time-consuming task? Slips of paper with the employees' free or desired working hours pile up, the staffing needs have to be covered. And it's not just that legal conditions - such as observing rest periods - have to be taken into account. It is at least as important to include the expectations of the staff.

The duty roster should be fair and fulfil as many wishes as possible. Not an easy undertaking, which not only costs time, but often also nerves. Wouldn't it be much better to be able to use these resources to take care of the really important concerns of the employees?

Clear and simple staff scheduling

Design your online schedule for a week, a month or several months at once. Depending on how far ahead you want to plan. Rolling duty rosters can make planning even easier. In them, duties or shifts and days off are repeated in a weekly cycle.

Staffing services and shifts

Use the ZEUS® staffing scheduling function to determine the number of staff required according to the staffing plan for the shifts and duties of a week. ISGUS helps you with staff scheduling. Under- and overstaffing are displayed as well as the degree of completion of the daily planning. And quite incidentally, the working time of your employees is calculated.

Online absence and holiday planner

It is important for all staff planners to know which employees are absent at certain times. Be it due to holidays, illness or further training. Only when available can an employee be included in the plan.The uncomplicated processing of the ISGUS software and online approval of leave requests accelerates the processes, as does the digital sick note. With ISGUS, you can complete the staff scheduling with just a few clicks and generate clearly structured overviews.