ISGUS News Edition 37

The latest ISGUS News edition 37 is now avaible – learn more about current trends in the ISGUS Company Group.

Inspite of a general economic downturn in Germany since the beginning of 2019, we are still doing extremely well in our home market. Digitization is the big topic currently and both private companies and public institutions are analysing their business models and company structures, optimising their processes and modernising their IT systems. There is no doubt our webbased ZEUS® X solution can make a huge contribution at this point, especially when it comes to HR and Workforce Management

In the face of complex and difficult political situations within some of our export countries and the Brexit uncertainty, we managed to reach and exceed our planned forecasts on the export side. This was achievable with the addition of some large accounts, where ZEUS® X is a perfect fit. 

In this ISGUS News, read about our customers IKK Classic and Dentsply Sirona, both encompassing several thousand employees now taking advantage of ZEUS® X and its seamless integration into existing HR processes and applications, including SAP

Also, read about the new ISGUS distribution partner in Puerto Rico, Pitney Bowes Inc., a longstanding Time & Attendance provider in the Carribean, now promoting the ZEUS® X solutions in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.    

If you are interested in a free hard copy of the ISGUS News, please do not hesitate to contact your ISGUS distribution center. Have a look at your ISGUS News here.