Limiting employee access to certain areas

Even though most corona protection measures are officially no longer necessary in England, some companies still want to limit certain areas in order to avoid too large gatherings of people. For this purpose, access to buildings or individual rooms must be monitored and controlled. Room Monitoring from ISGUS is ideally suited for this. The solution automatically monitors how many people have already entered a room and can then block it from further access after a previously defined number. 

In this way, you can, for example, limit your conference rooms to exactly the number of people you consider appropriate. Room Monitoring is integrated into ZEUS® Access Control and provides comprehensive corporate security. In addition to the practical software functions, our hardware portfolio provides you with numerous readers that you can use for the various access situations. Electronic locking cylinders are also available for offline use, which means that they do not have to be wired up at great expense. This is particularly practical for fire protection or glass doors. 

In addition, you can use several media for identification via the various booking methods. Regardless of whether badges, biometric data or apps are used, ZEUS® Access Control and Room Monitoring from ISGUS ensure your corporate security. Getting gradually back to 'normal' - we are happy to support you.