Manage Remote Workers

Every company has its own management methods, general concepts that evolve over time. However, the conditions and requirements that applied just a few years ago have changed again and must be handled differently today. Especially dealing with remote workers has become a new challenge. You can find out here how to deal with this without any problems.

An important first step is to hire the right people who are aware of working from home or at third-party workplaces. Care should be taken to integrate new remote workers directly into the team and to optimise processes among them. As an employer, you should also clearly define your expectations and discuss them with the employee, because communication and workload are difficult to assess from a distance. 

To ensure a high level of employee satisfaction among remote workers, the technical aspects, including equipment, should not be lost sight of. The provision of a company laptop, environmental equipment such as mice and keyboards, as well as the regulation of the connection, e.g. via VPN, are part of the common standard. If these things are in place, it is easier to start working remotely, employees quickly find their way around and can continue to work happily. 

Another aspect that has gained importance in the context of remote work is flexibility. Flexible working hours are an important factor for many employees who work away from the office in order to make the most efficient use of the new opportunities. To rely on clear working hours is too traditional a way. With ISGUS time recording, it doesn't matter which time models you want to use for which employees. Using the convenient options via the web-based PC application or the smartphone, your employees can record exactly when and exactly where they arise. For you and the other colleagues, full transparency is maintained so that you are always informed about who is currently active and where. 

Get individual advice now and make the management of remote workers child's play.