Manufacturing for less with production data capture

Internal processes and production workflows have long been checked and revised regularly. As a rule, it is the job of the process engineer to analyse and evaluate existing processes and procedures within a manufacturing company and to derive measures. The manual creation of reports for device monitoring or KPIs for the company management also lead to stressful day-to-day work for the process engineer.

Our technology helps you to manage these costly work steps and much more – in just a short time and with less effort. In addition to monitoring costs and time, you can use our terminals and mobile recording devices to monitor the entire production process and intervene at the right time. Furthermore, individual steps can be recorded manually, for example, by means of customisable barcode scanning.

In addition, our technology ensures interaction with your enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). This is primarily thanks to the custom programming in line with your special requirements and wishes. ISGUS thus profitably complements the holistic planning of your resources.

Thanks to the capture of high-quality production data, we help you reduce the costs of your production activities.


As with all of our solutions, an individual solution will also be found for your production activities within the scope of production data capture.

Our portfolio offers you the option of creating multiple projects as well as various possibilities for switching tasks on or off. Up-to-date live reports on the progress of the project provide an intelligent aid and tool. The outputs created by the process engineer with extensive preparatory work can be called up here in real time throughout the entire process.