Mobile Time Management

The requirements for time management systems constantly increasing, so both employers and employees can create their processes more efficient and more flexible. An important evolutionary step is the use of mobile devices to do time bookings or send holiday requests from always every location. Mobile systems create an overview to see if colleagues are reachable or when they will be. This closes the gap between colleagues in the office, at home and on the move, because all are informed by up to date data

Employee-self-services simflify the work of a manager significantly. Employees submit their requests independently which are then automatically send to a supervisor for approval. This person has all the data, including that of the colleagues, at his disposal during the verification, so that he can simply check the requested time. Depending on the decision, the employee receives information whether the application has been approved or rejected and can continue planning directly.

ZEUS® mobile the app from ISGUS for mobile time management is your optimal companion. Both employees and supervisors have access to the time management system, are able to do bookings, check their balances or request for absences. For employees on the move it is possible to offer specific bookings via Geofencing, that are proposed when they are in the relevant area.