Reliable ZEUS® Access Control and Time and Attendance » for the healthcare sector

A healthcare facility serves multiple purposes, with hospitality being a crucial aspect. However, it is imperative to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to restricted areas. While this may seem like common sense, achieving it can be challenging. Employees need to have round-the-clock access to certain areas that are off-limits to guests, patients, customers, and visitors. ZEUS® Access Control from ISGUS offers a tailored solution for various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, nursing homes, dementia care facilities, psychiatric wards, medical centers, surgeries, and pharmacies.

It is also applicable to all areas within these establishments, such as premises, buildings, internal security, and individual rooms. The ISGUS App provides modern booking options that bring significant value to the healthcare sector. With the ZEUS® mobile App, Workforce Management becomes portable, allowing for the recording of working hours and productivity from any location.

Additionally, the ZEUS® SmartID App enables Bluetooth-based booking at all ISGUS terminals and facilitates the opening of gates and barriers over long distances. When combined, ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® Time and Attendance create an unbeatable team, ensuring complete security and transparency in the healthcare sector.