Retail businesses in the new normal

After the government's opening steps in the UK, carefree shopping is now possible again. But the conditions for retail companies have also changed and evolved during the pandemic. What do companies need to consider in order to enable their employees to work in a modern way?

Important factors are flexibility and agility in order to be able to address changing circumstances. These can be both on the part of the employees and on the part of the company. Examples of this are doctor's appointments at short notice or a breakdown in childcare on the part of the employees or a change in workload due to altered delivery dates on the part of the company. It is advisable to invest in modern digital workforce management in order to be able to map the needs securely and transparently

ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS supports you in the reliable planning and recording of working hours. The Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling modules interact excellently with each other and form the basis for future-proof working. Adapt existing planning flexibly to changed circumstances and involve your employees in this process in a self-determined manner. ISGUS solutions support you in making your processes more flexible and agile to meet the modern challenges of the retail environment. 

In addition, you can use real-time analyses to ensure that your employees are optimally deployed and thus guarantee high efficiency. For this, you are completely location-independent. The modern ZEUS® Workforce Management can be used and operated via multiple media, making it easy to integrate hybrid working into existing processes.