Security risk during employees transitions

Workplace security is a critical factor that impacts both employee well beeing and the success of a company. Even staffturnover can risk your companys security. With frequent employees turnover, maintaining accurate and up to date access controls becomes more challenging. Former employees may retain access credentials or fail to have their access properly revoked, leading to unauthorized entry or potential data breaches. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to simplify the management, issuance and control through the digital assignment of access rights

Our ZEUS® Access Control solution by ISGUS enables you to define specific access profiles for individual rooms on your premises, outline security areas and set up access authorisations for your employees. Your visitors and guests will have easy and flexible access with the inheritance or legacy principle.

Extend and enhance your ZEUS® Access Control system at any time by integrating it with the following complementary modules: ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® picture for badge personalisation. The ZEUS® solution is a fusion of modules to create a perfect match for your business needs.