Simple time recording via web

In companies, Time and Attendance is a well-functioning process. After you entered the building you book IN via a keyfob or fingerprint and than are registered as presence. Due to the corona crisis more and more employees were working from home, which causes that the stationary terminals were unable to reach. But there are alternatives. 

Very common is our web terminal. With this you access your system via a webbrowser and directly get all neccesary functions. As soon as you have started your computer you can enter your start time. Also for breaks and your end time you can store the respective bookings and don't need to note everything seperatly and forward it to your manager or the HR department.

The ease of use of our PC based clocking solution is a crucial factor. It simplifies your processes, especially when all your employees work spread out. You always have the overview who is reachable where and when

Workforce Management from ISGUS can individually be set up for the requirements of your company and offers the ideal compontent for the management of this data. Our modular system is easily accessible via the web or our hardware terminals and can be installed on premise or in the ISGUS Cloud.