Simplified communication for optimized Staff Scheduling

Staff planning is a challenging task for HR managers. It is not always easy to schedule the right qualifications at the right time in the right place and to implement this in practice. Especially when you have to take into account the individual preferences of the employees and the hours already worked. The solution is open communication between all parties involved, which can simplify the coordination processes. 

However, due to the effects and consequences of the pandemic, this communication is not easy to exercise. From the employer's point of view, the upcoming staffing requirements fluctuate or depend on current material availability. This makes the planning period shorter and leads to more flexible responses by employees. But they also have new demands on staff scheduling. The freer arrangement of working hours and more freedom in terms of the place of work are noticeable in companies in almost all sectors. Therefore, coordination cannot take place as before, but must adapt to the new circumstances

digital system for coordinating and planning future personnel requirements is the solution. With the ISGUS software for staff scheduling, employees simply enter their preferences for an upcoming planning period and thus inform the planner. The planner can then carry out the planning without any further coordination, even without holding discussions with individual employees. This means that not only employees on the business premises can be scheduled, but also employees who are currently or permanently working remotely. 

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling can be used by all employees via the various devices. In addition to the stationary terminals, the web application for PC use or the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile for smartphones and tablets are also available.