Staff scheduling for your care home

The currently prevailing corona pandemic had far-reaching consequences for the health industry and understandably led to an upswing in the labour market for care workers. In order to meet the higher requirements and yet still work in a cost-saving and time-saving manner, you would be best placed to take advantage of our solutions for staff planning.

Our product is extremely user-friendly and individually tailored to your company and the current situation. It therefore goes without saying that the technology is fully customisable and can withstand, for example, even unconventional situations. Available shifts or classic shift switching can be recorded intuitively in the system. Of course, there is also the option of creating and editing a full shift overview in addition to carrying out planning for individual employees.

However, the focus is not only the scheduling aspect and the preparation of a staff plan. In addition to planning for existing staff, we help you use the data to, for example, set up an effective staff requirements calculation. In addition, you can use our solutions to keep an eye on the required specialist knowledge and skills of your employees. At the same time, it is possible to maintain a view of staff costs at all times, so as to ensure a profit and economic viability.

Our solution concentrates on precisely these points, as these criteria are extremely important when it comes to staff scheduling for nursing homes in order to be able to help people in need. Unlike in other sectors and areas, your employee is the core of your service and should therefore be planned for and deployed intelligently. We help you with this.