Staff Scheduling in the logistics industry

Currently, and also in past corona times many larger or smaller companies need to schedule the working time of their employees. With high level of staff and new businesses ever growing in the logistics industry, ISGUS developed a software solution that not only saves time, and money, but also allows your business to run more staff efficiently.

When do the next deliveries arrive? What is currently to do in the storage facility? Plan your team members and shifts demand-based with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. Therefore, multiple shift plan patterns are available, and we have over 999 already stored. So, we can exactly tailor our modules to suit your business needs.

Staff member called in sick? Let ZEUS® recommend the staff member most suitable to cover that position! Our software will put forward matching or similar skillset straight away. This is perfect for managers or supervisors needing an on-the-spot solution reducing the stress and hassle of searching individual records.