Summer Fridays » positive impact with ISGUS

Summer working hours are where workers leave earlier on Fridays for up to five months of the years. This shows a positive impact on the productivity and employee retention at companies such as Kellogg's, Asos and many others…

Cereal manufacturer Kellogg's introduced a summertime scheme 20 years ago that allows all office staff to finish work at 12 noon on Fridays from May to September.  By giving the staff a half day to themselves each week, they can relax and unwind. It is not only good for employees’ mental and physical wellbeing but also leads to higher productivity and motivation. It also reduces presenteeism and encourages the team to think flexibly.

Whether regulated by law or voluntary, in any case these arguments clearly speak for the use of a system for recording working time, such as ZEUS® Time & Attendance by ISGUS. The time recording system does not restrict a modern working time model; on the contrary, it is an important tool for enabling mobile working and flexibility for employees. Progressive digitalisation allows for a trusting and good working relationship in spite of a controlling authority. The ZEUS® Time & Attendance is a module of the ISGUS product world. In combination with other ISGUS ZEUS® software and hardware solutions, such as automatic Access Control, Production Data Capture or Staff Scheduling, complex operational processes can be easily combined.