Supervisor Screen to save money and time » ISGUS

Tired of wasting time trying to sort out half filled, or incorrectly completed time sheets, not knowing what time someone arrived or left because they missed an entry on the timesheet or was ill on a certain day.
Take this example for Peter Brown. Peter was ill on Thursday, but this hasn’t been entered onto the timesheet, so you’re not sure if he worked or not. This results in wasting your time, having to find out which one it was.

Also, for e.g. at Tuesday Peter has filled in his start time but forgot to put in his end time, so yet again wasting time finding out what time he finished that day.
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to have all this information sent to you all in one place. Well with the ISGUS Supervisor Screen this can be done saving you a lot of time and money.

With the ISGUS, Supervisor Screen anything out of the ordinary, based on the company rules set in ZEUS®, will flag it up to the relevant person in charge of the system. So, if anyone misses a booking or is absent on a working day ZEUS® will know about it, and so will the relevant person.

The Supervisor Screen has two main functions; Exceptions and Update Navigator, both of which provide invaluable information to make sure that the hours, and the time people have worked it accurate and correct by informing the relevant users of any exceptions and allowing them to take the appropriate and timely actions.

Wait for what? Save time and money with the ISGUS solutions!