Take the stress out of payroll » ISGUS!

Every company is required to send final submission to HMRC, including a full payment submission (FPS) and employer payment submissions (EPS).  
With businesses facing mounting financial pressure over the last year, those that begin the complex payroll process sooner rather than later will put themselves in the best possible position to hit the deadline.  
But there’s no need to panic if you haven’t got all your ducks in a row yet. There’s still time to collate everything you need, and doing this doesn’t have to be difficult.
The ZEUS® Time & Attendance product saves you time usually spent on transferring data, such as absences and shift totals to payroll systems. ZEUS® offers a wide range of interfaces for all payroll programs, personnel information systems and ERP solutions from all well-known manufacturers.
ZEUS®  also ensures compliance with collective and legal regulations, as well as with your individual company or service agreement from time tracking to data transfer for payroll.