„Taste the sun“ with ZEUS® & SanLucar

With a selection on offer from about 90 different types of fruits and vegetables from over 35 countries, SanLucar is “the brand” with the most expansive range. Since 2002 SanLucar Austria produces and sells as an owner-managed company by director Alexander Thaller and it established successfully in the premium fresh foods segment of Austrian food retail. 

Besides rising sales figures, SanLucar Austria records continually growing employment figures. Appropriate adjustments like the introduction of a three-shift operation for example were not long in coming. At this point the previous system already showed weaknesses in time recording. As Austria applies a strict Working Hours Act which the director himself adheres to personally, a reliable and especially faultless working time calculation and check is indispensable. This previous, insufficient support reinforced them in their decision – a new, more flexible system was needed, to fulfill current, consistent and potential requirements.    

50% of employees in Erbreichsdorf work in accordance with so-called „All-in-contracts“. "At SanLucar we have to do an annual coverage verification and therefore we have to rely on corresponding time statements and evaluations of our employees. This was one of the reasons why ZEUS® Time & Attendance is the most appropriate solution for us“, explains CFO Wolfgang Grill when making the decision in favor of the ISGUS product.

"In addition to ZEUS® Time & Attendance we save basic hours and overtime in the storage and logistics sector during off-season through ZEUS® Staff Planning and notice this financially.“ In the past, shift planning and roll plans were implemented by hand in Excel and were time-consuming and inflexible. Today everything is clear and done with a few clicks.

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