The best of both worlds combined with ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS®keyless

Innovative security solutions can significantly ease the administrative burden, while guaranteeing greater flexibility and diverse application scenarios. No company has to choose between access control and digital locking systems.
Key or card, electronic locking system or access control? These are questions that many companies have had to ask themselves. Our answer: both. Because a combination of both worlds and convenient operation and management via a common interface is the best of both worlds. Lost keys no longer mean a security gap, as they can simply be deactivated. Authorisations limited in time and space are also possible.

With ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® keyless from ISGUS, you simplify handling for your facility management. Our ZEUS® Access Control and keyless provide reliable, round-the-clock protection for your employees, guests, buildings and your company equipment. In addition, the access control protects your data and your know-how. The digital locking system from ISGUS can be installed on all doors, lockers, furniture locks, fire doors or barrier-free access doors without any structural changes. Every event can be documented and evaluated. Make the security risks and high replacement costs associated with mechanical keys a thing of the past.