The four-day week as a new working model

The Covid-19 pandemic is still present and has permanently changed and shaped our working life. Novel working models are on the rise and are part of the New Normal. A very interesting project has started in the UK in this regard. More than 3,000 employees in 60 companies can work four days a week on the same pay, in what is believed to the biggest pilot scheme of its kind ever.

The program, organized by academics in Oxford, Cambridge and Boston College in the USA, has numerous well-known companies taking part. The goal here is that employees from different organizations do the usual amount of work and up to 35 hours a week, but spread over four days instead of five. Central to these thoughts is the pandemic, which has led to more employees working from home and adopting more flexible working hours instead of the usual five-day 9-5 work week. Managers and leaders are embracing the new work model, which focuses on the quality of results rather than the quantity of hours. Furthermore, the model is very attractive to employees and can help companies attract employees in an "incredibly competitive" job market. Researchers have argued that the benefits of a four-day work week also mean that employees return more efficient work performance to their employers. At the same time, employees can greatly improve their work-life balance, which also benefits the company. Well-known companies such as Microsoft in Japan have already tested this model and are delighted with the results. Employee productivity has increased by 40% and at the same time the company saves resources. Especially in the current time and very expensive resources, savings for companies are very valuable and sustainable.

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