The superpowers of digitalisation

Digitalisation is an aspiration or goal for more and more companies when it comes to further organisational development and IT. This is also applicable to Human Resources, in which we think about how to find the best solution and route towards the digitalised world; in order to develop and enhance the benefits for the entire company and every employee that modern Workforce Management not only promises but actually is able to provide.

Digitalisation, flexibility, agility and networking are the criteria that also apply to the organisation of working time and personnel processes. It is necessary to bring more flexibility into the company and to further automate standard processes. Moreover, essential functions should be available digitally on every PC, on multifunctional terminals and on all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

An example of these applications are shift scheduling that can be viewed at any time, digital shift swapping, requesting and approving workflows, and very precise information that ZEUS® Workforce Management sends individually via e-mail and messenger and draws attention to it with push messages.

The ISGUS solution relieves you of routine activities and time-consuming maintenance of forgotten bookings, up to the processing of absenteeism or the analysis of reports. Processes are automated and accelerated by communication between humans and systems, without any loss of transparency.

This creates resources for companies and employees at all levels, which are used for more important tasks. The digital Workforce Management system from ISGUS enables existing staffing capacities to be quickly and simply adapted to changing conditions without losing sight of the needs of employees. Therefore, companies and employees benefit equally. In addition, ZEUS® creates the necessary basis and enables the entrepreneurial flexibility that is urgently required in business these days.

To date, ISGUS is the only provider that offers ZEUS® not only as an in-house application, but optionally also offers the use of the solution in the ISGUS Cloud, the ISGUS own data centre. There are many reasons for choosing the ISGUS Cloud. It is therefore no coincidence that numerous customers with a total of more than 60,000 employees use ZEUS® as Software as a Service in the ISGUS data centre.

The software solutions from ISGUS sustainably support you in the implementation of your digital strategy and cost planning. With ZEUS® SaaS, we underline our expertise and expand the range of benefits that ISGUS users are able to experience.

Anyone who wants to successfully master digitalisation needs innovative technology and a system that is reliable, mobile, modern and multifunctional in every business sector. In ISGUS you will find a partner who proves the solution competence on a daily basis in the own data centre and who cares regionally and reliably for you as a user.