Time & Attendance Workforce Management, How we can help you manage your time

Labour has been revolutionised in recent years and continues to do so. New technologies have helped establish new oranisational models and even the role of the office is being rethought. At the same time, many organisational processes have changed, creating another trend: overwork is on the rise and working hours in the UK are the highest in Europe. What may sound good for companies is, however, bad for the health of employees - although long working hours alone are not indicative of productivity

To be more strategic about collective working time in the future, you need a productivity boost, more diversity and better employee wellbeing. You can do this by reworking time. However, changing the previous short-term focus on growth, shareholder returns and profit maximisation at all costs to a long-term sustainable approach is not easy for entrepreneurs. ISGUS supports you with its modern Workforce Management solutions. 

Up to now, working time, like time management, has been characterised by short-termisme, speed, volume and bureaucracy. Combining this with the requirements of the employees succeeds through digitalisation with ZEUS® Workforce Management. This makes it possible to create individual working time models that can be flexibly adjusted as needed in order to better manage time. This demand-oriented way of working, together with the precise recording of working and project times, supports the efficiency of your employees and thus of the entire company.