Time Management to increase productivity

For the correct and fair accounting of the working hours of an employee, the exact recording of the working hours, including necessary breaks, is important. With ZEUS® Time & Attendance, we offer you a modularly structured, digital system with which you can easily implement all upcoming time management tasks. The system adapts to your individual needs and allows you to flexibly adjust working times to the respective workload.

Closely linked to time recording is production data capture, for the recording of current projects. ZEUS® Production Data Capture is integrated into the ISGUS Workforce Management system. This provides you with real-time data and evaluations on your current projects, which offers you optimal monitoring and control options. With just a few clicks, you have access to your complete production data, no matter where you are. Sounds complex? It is not! The readout of current data by supervisors or even production managers is simply done at the workplace via our web terminal. Entering new data by employees is also easy to handle and intuitive.

The integration of barcode scanners also allows you to use barcodes for labelling different product groups or operations, which significantly reduces errors when entering product numbers. Use this technology either via our PDA-capable IT 8260 terminal or simply via your smartphone with the ZEUS® mobile app. In any case, by combining time management and production data capture, you will increase productivity in your company and gain competitive advantages through digital processes.