Use Geofencing for an up-to-date workforce management

Mobile workforce management becomes more and more important due to the more flexible and individual working world. A terminal-based or PC-based clocking solution is cumbersome because you do not always have it with you. A smartphone will. So, offer your employees mobile clocking functions to clock in and out wherever needed. For more control you can enable the GPS tracking function within ZEUS®.

Working alongside our core software and mobile app, your business can now locate the clocking in location of your employees within metres of the coordinates set by you. This Geofencing technology ensures not only the safety of your staff, by confirming their presence within the premises but also allows accurate time calculations and locations of each individual at the time of booking.

If an employee is outside of this geofence he cannot clock in our out. Additionally, our GPS technology has auto booking features. This is perfect for drivers who continuously visiting and leaving the premises. Everything can be set up to multiple locations and parameters within the business.