Want to find out how to protect your employees with our ISGUS Roll Call App?

It is crucial for any business or organization to prioritize the health and safety of their employees. The ISGUS Roll Call App offers a cutting-edge solution for efficiently monitoring and overseeing the well-being of team members in emergency situations. Watch our video to see how companies can utilize the intelligent Roll Call feature in ZEUS® mobile to keep track of evacuation progress during critical incidents.

In the case of a fire alarm, the application can provide valuable support during evacuations, which are consistently accompanied by an automated email notification to adhere to EU regulations. This guarantees a comprehensive log of the entire evacuation duration. The Roll Call App functions based on individual time entries by employees. It is essential for each team member to clock in upon arrival and clock out when leaving to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. The Roll Call App is part of our established ZEUS® Time and Attendance solution used worldwide, guaranteeing quality without compromise. Not only does our app provide full control over employee safety, but it also saves time and resources with its unique features, making it a necessity for every company.

During emergencies, employees can be assigned one of three evacuation statuses: "secure", "open", or "absent". Each status register offers an updated list of individuals based on their current evacuation status. Additionally, the ZEUS® mobile App allows users to add notes to record important information such as special instructions, contact details, or emergency plans.

Our solution allows for quick and effective responses in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or crisis, ultimately saving time and minimizing risks for all employees. It is crucial to train staff on the proper use of our solution to ensure readiness for any emergency situation.

Enhance your employees' safety and secure your business's future with our Roll Call App: user-friendly, quick, and extremely effective! Partner with us to guarantee preparedness for all types of emergency scenarios.