Ways to reduce overtime » ZEUS® T&A and Staff Scheduling

Overtime is a practical way of bridging staff shortages and provides employees with extra money. However, too much overtime has a direct negative impact on employees and therefore indirectly on the company. Excessive extra working time can reduce employee satisfaction and thus work motivation, which is why more overtime does not necessarily mean more productivity. It can also be quite costly for the employer, as it usually costs five times the regular hourly rate. It should therefore be avoided if possible. But how do you do that when you actually need it?

ZEUS® Time and Attendance software helps with the recording, management and calculation of overtime. It notifies a supervisor when an employee works over the regular working times and records this in the system. The planned versus actual hours and the difference are shown in a clear format, making it easy to identify excessive overtime. ZEUS® Time and Attendance ensures correct time recording and prevents unnecessary overtime payments.

Staff scheduling from ISGUS helps you to plan efficiently and reduce extra costs. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling tracks working hours and availability, suggests the most efficient employees and avoids unnecessary extra hours. ZEUS® even limits working hours in accordance with legal regulations.

With cross-trained employees, you can flexibly fill shifts with more qualified employees, avoid unnecessary overtime and enable a fairer distribution when necessary.