What does the end of certain COVID-19 restictions mean for employers in England?

As announced by the British government, further COVID-19 restrictions will be gradually lifted meaning that life should largely return to normal in March. The obligation to wear a mask will be largely dopped, and the mandatory vaccination certificate as well as the isolation period will be abolished. 

In addition, the recommendation to work from home wherever possible will also be removed, which means that workers not necessarily needed will also return to work. Therefore, prepare now for the return of your employees with solutions from ISGUS. Find out how you can easily record working hours from all locations with our design award-winning terminals, the web-based PC solution or the ISGUS App for smartphone and tablet. This gives you every opportunity to continue offering flexible working hours and to be perfectly prepared for the return of some or all employees.

If you still want to adhere to some hygiene measures, the ISGUS solutions support you perfectly. You have a wide range of booking options via individual employee ID cards, the PC or even biometric data. We will be happy to advise you personally on the measures you can take to optimally prepare for the return of your employees.