Workforce Management in the NEW NORMAL

During the corona pandemic a lot of things have changes, causing a completely different working world today than it was a few years ago. Thereby, through digitisation companies itself have changed, requirements to employers are different and the way of work of employees, as well. To consider this in Workforce Management requires a digital system.

Unscheduled absences are particularly common, hower, it is difficult to recognise in the case of seperated workplaces. The resons for this are diverse: system-related challenges in the home office, child care, meetings with different departments or externals, etc.!

The ISGUS solution for all industries and company-sizes:

To avoid that these factors infect the service quality, customer support or the businesses efficiency in general, the Workforce Management from ISGUS provides you with the ideal solution, even in the NEW NORMALZEUS® can be used in every industry and company-size and therefore be tailored to individual needs.