Working trends 2024 ᐅ ideally equipped with ISGUS

The year 2024 brings exciting changes for employees, including more flexible work arrangements and a strong focus on sustainability. Data and analysis play an increasingly important role in helping companies make accurate forecasts, particularly when it comes to staffing needs. This leads to improved resource allocation, reduced overtime, and better use of labour resources. By using ZEUS® for staff scheduling, businesses can adapt quickly to production changes while also boosting employee satisfaction.

Employee well-being takes centre stage in forward-thinking companies that prioritise flexibility, equality, health (both physical and mental), and sustainability. Digital tools like the ZEUS® mobile App alongside the ZEUS® Time and Attendance solution with Staff Scheduling features empower employees to manage their schedules efficiently. This allows for easier scheduling of part-time workers and better accommodation of employee preferences.

The idea of a 4-day workweek is gaining traction due to Generation Z's influence, sparking discussions across industries about adopting more flexible work models. ISGUS offers solutions tailored to this trend by allowing different working time models to be easily inputted or adjusted within ZEUS®, catering to diverse workforce needs without hassle.