ZEUS® Access Control reduces the incidence of theft or damage

Access control serves the purpose of regulating entry into your company's facilities, as well as enabling you to limit access to specific sensitive areas within your organization. Additionally, it offers real-time information on individuals present in the building during emergencies and maintains a record of everyone who entered or left the premises along with their respective dates and times.

Now, why is it crucial for your organization to implement access control? And how can you guarantee that your premises are effectively safeguarded?

With ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® keyless by ISGUS, you can simplify the management of your facility. Our reliable ZEUS® Access Control and keyless system provides round-the-clock protection for your employees, guests, buildings, and company equipment. Moreover, it safeguards your data and proprietary knowledge. The digital locking solution offered by ISGUS is versatile as it can be easily installed on various types of doors such as lockers, furniture locks, fire doors or barrier-free access points without requiring any structural modifications. Should an alarm event occur, the access control terminal will transmit this information directly to your alarm management system and to the security control centre. Your security and your building management team will be informed immediately via SMS in the event of an emergency opening, sabotage, door being open or a panic PIN being entered. Every single event can be accurately documented and analyzed. Say goodbye to security risks posed by traditional mechanical keys along with their high replacement costs; our cutting-edge technology will eliminate these concerns once and for all!