ZEUS® ᐅ because we do not let teachers down!

The practice of recording working hours in the education sector is not yet widespread. It would be beneficial to keep track of these hours, but not with traditional pen and paper methods.

Time and Attendance for educators with ISGUS keeping track of work hours has become increasingly important in recent years. While there are currently no specific legal requirements, it is recommended that employers take proactive measures, especially within the field of education where workload can be particularly high.

ZEUS® Time and Attendance by ISGUS offers valuable support by providing insights into teachers' overtime hours each week. However, there is a lack of options for accurately documenting this overtime. Implementing a digital solution like ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS could greatly improve this process. With this software, teachers can easily record their regular school hours as well as any additional work done outside the classroom such as phone calls with parents, home visits, parent-teacher conferences, grading papers, and lesson preparation.

Overall, using digital tools like ZEUS® by ISGUS to monitor working hours makes sense as it allows educators to efficiently track their overtime without any hassle or inconvenience.