ZEUS® keyless - the solution for all doors

The ZEUS® keyless prime locking system by ISGUS is an electronic locking system with transponder technology for securing the most different types of objects. It satisfies the requirements of office, industry and administration buildings as well as those of public buildings, e.g. hospitals, universities or airports. Even the complex requirements of hotels and leisure time facilities can be satisfied by means of special system properties. We approach the principle openness from two different sides, while keeping an eye on the safety of our products as well as the comfort. Safety from the inside to the outside: ZEUS® keyless prime system components can exchange data offline or via access point with the Keyvi management software by using modern encrypted logarithms.

The digital locking system from ISGUS can be installed on all doors, lockers, furniture cabinets, fire doors or even barrier-free access doors without any structural changes. With ZEUS® keyless, every event can be logged, read out and evaluated. In the past, there were a large number of mechanical keys in circulation, which created security risks and high costs for replacing the entire locking system if they were lost. Today, if a transponder is lost, you can react within seconds and immediately cancel the authorisation of this transponder. Your security is thus guaranteed at all times.