ZEUS® mobile App » improves employee satisfaction in field service

The satisfaction of sales representatives is more important than ever. This is because there is a shortage of qualified sales representatives and there are always vacancies to be filled. This makes it all the more important to provide these employees with a tool that supports them in their daily work using new technologies. The ZEUS® mobile App is exactly the kind of tool that provides great support.

The ZEUS® mobile App allows field staff to submit bookings anywhere. They can also submit any workflow requests such as corrections, business trips or absences. It is also possible to enter company data and approve attachments. The most important thing, however, is that every sales representative is always up to date. The ZEUS® mobile App offers exactly the right solution for this. On the one hand, everyone has access to the planned personnel assignments and an overview of those currently present in an area of responsibility. There is also the option of sending push messages to the respective employee. Convinced? Get in touch with us!